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The CBA equipment loan service offers a wide range of filming equipment and post-production facilities.

Equipment loan to projects

The CBA’s equipment is available automatically for projects supported by the CBA Commission, subject to its avaibility and in exchange for maintenance fee and its valorisation in the co-production.

Exterior projects that are not yet supported by the commission may be eligible for our equipment. Please send your film project to the Secretary General Javier Packer-Comyn ( and the person in charge of the equipment loan Antonin Rouard (


Equipment and infrastructures are also available for hire. Rates are available on request at

Recent movies

Soy libre

Laure Portier & 78' — 2021

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Rosine Mbakam & 91' — 2021

The minuscules

Khristine Gillard & 150' — 2021

Just a movement

Vincent Meessen & 110' — 2021


Sung-A Yoon & 90' — 2019


Sophie Bruneau & 61' — 2021

By the throat

Effi & Amir & 75' — 2021
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