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The CBA’s commission

The role of the CBA Commission is to examine film projects submitted for a Writing, Production or Finishing financial support along with services (material, distribution, promotion and broadcasting). It organises in theory three sessions per year, except during the holiday period. Each session normally includes a Writing, Production and Post-production Commission.

The members of the commission receive the projects at least four weeks before the date of the meeting in order to examine them. For films submitted at the Development or Prodcution stage, the commission receives the directors and producers on the day of the commission for a 20′ meeting around the project. When this meeting is not possible, it can be replaced by a videoconference or the assignment of a rapporteur. The projects registered for the commission will receive an online form a fortnight before the date of the commission to define the order of the projects.
For rough-cuts submitted for the post-production support, there is no meeting with the commission.

The CBA Commission is formed by 16 film professionals (directors, producers, programmers, distributors, editors, cinematographers, mixers, cultural coordinators, etc.) with an equal number of men and women. There must be 5 members per Commission meeting. The President of the CBA Commission and the Secretary General are members of the Commission. Each member has only one vote.

At the end of its session, the Commission decides whether or not to co-produce a film project by deciding on the amount of aid and/or possible contributions of material and/or services. It takes decisions on it’s financial commitment within the framework of its available financial resources. The CBA Commission may, if it deems it necessary, ask the author or producer for additional information and postpone the project to another meeting.

In theory, the Commission does not examine projects if no more funds are available.

Voting is by show of hands, simple majority and in as many rounds as required to reach the final decision. At least 5 members must be present. Proxies, written opinions, abstentions, are not allowed.

The decision of the CBA Commission shall be notified by telephone, e-mail or SMS to the director and/or producer on the day of the Commission meeting. Subsequent contact with the SG will allow the reasons for support or refusal to be further explained. These decisions are then confirmed by an official letter to the producer with a copy to the author. The decisions of the Commission are sovereign.

The CBA’s promise of support is valid for 6 months. It may be renewed upon written request by the producer and by mutual agreement with the CBA for a further 6 months, up to a maximum of twice. After this period, if the conditions for signing the contract have not been met, the CBA’s promise of aid is cancelled. Any contribution to costs contracted with the CBA for the equipment loan remain due.

The members of the CBA Commission are :
Javier Packer-Comyn, Yvan Flasse (vice-président of the Commission), Inès Rabadan (vice-président of the Commission), Nicolas Rincon Gille, Cédric Zoenen, Effi Weiss, Julien Contreau, Pierre-Paul Renders, Jorge Léon, Sandrine Deegen, Clémence Hébert, Emmanuelle Dupuis, Hanne Phlypo, Anne Vanweddingen, Tatjana Kozar, Charlotte Grégoire.

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