Delphine's prayers

Rosine Mbakam & 91' — 2021

This film is the portrait of Delphine, a young Cameroonian girl who, after the death of her mother and the abandonment of her father’s parental responsibilities, is raped at the age of 13. She sinks into prostitution to support herself and her daughter. She ends up marrying a Belgian man who is three times her age, hoping to find a better life in Europe for her and her daughter. Seven years later, the European dream has dissipated and her situation has only gotten worse.
Delphine, like others, is part of this generation of young African women crushed by our patriarchal societies and left to this Western sexual colonization as the only means of survival. Through her courage and strength, Delphine exposes these patterns of domination that continue to lock up African women.

Belgium, Cameroon

Production: Tândor Productions
Coproduction: CBA, GSARA, IndigoMood Films
With the support of the Centre du Cinéma de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Rosine Mbakam
Rosine Mbakam
Rosine Mbakam
Rosine Mbakam
Image editor
Geoffrey Cernaix
Sound editor
Loïc Villiot
Loïc Villiot
Michaël Cinquin
Tândor Productions (Geoffrey Cernaix)
Image Format
Sound Format
Languages OV
FR, Pidjin
Available subtitles

2022 :
Punto de Vista, Spain, 03/22
Luxor Film Festival, Cameroun, 03/22
The Pan African Film Festival, USA, 01/22
One World, Romania
BanabaFest, Panama
Antenna Documentary Film Festival, Australia
Human Rights Film Festival Berlin, Germany
Rendez-vous with Madness Toronto, Canada
SE_CINE, Spain

2021 :
AFI DOCS – New African Film Festival, USA, 06/21
Cinéma du Réel, France, 03/21 – Prix des Jeunes
CinémaAfrica Festival, Suède, 10/21
CinéMigrante, Argentine, 09/21
Courtisane, Belgique, 10/21
DokuFest Kosovo, Kosovo, 08/21
Doxa Documentary Film Festival, Canada, 05/21
FCAT – Tarifa, Espagne, 05/21 – Prix du meilleur documentaire et prix d’interprétation féminine pour Delphine
Festival de Saint-Louis, Sénégal, 12/21
Festival des Cinémas d’Afrique du Pays d’Apt, France, 11/21
Festival International du Cinéma Numérique de Cotonou, Bénin, 12/21
Festival International du Film Francophone de Tübingen Stuttgart, Allemagne, 10/21
FIFF – Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur, Belgique, 09/21
Front Doc, Italie, 11/21 – Grand prix long-métrage documentaire
Global Migration Film Festival for West and Central Africa, Afrique centrale, 12/21
Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival, Allemagne, 10/21
HER Docs Film Festival in Poland , Pologne, 09/21
IDFA , Pays-Bas, 11/21
Image et Vie, Sénégal, 12/21
IndieLisboa, Portugal, 09/21 – Grand Prize City of Lisbon
Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival, République Tchèque, 10/21
La mostra de cinebaix, Espagne, 06/21
London Migration Film Festival, Royaume-Uni, 11/21
MEDIMED Market, Espagne, 10/21
MoMa Doc Fortnight, USA, 03/21
Nepal Human Rights International Film Festival, Népal, 12/21
Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival, Allemagne, 09/21
Open City Documentary Film Festival, Royaume-Uni, 09/21
Rencontres Afrique en docs, France, 11/21
RIDM, Canada, 10/21
Sheffield Doc Fest, Royaume-Uni, 06/21
Silicon Valley African Film Festival, USA, 10/21
The Feminist Film Festival, Roumanie, 09/21
True/False, USA, 03/21 – Prix True Vision
Unorthodocs, Royaume-Uni, 10/21
Zózimo Bulbul Film Festival, Brésil, 10/21

Awards and Mentions

BanabaFest (Panama) -Grand prix

2021 :
FCAT – Tarifa (Espagne) – Prix du meilleur documentaire & prix d’interprétation féminine pour Delphine
Cinéma du Réel (France) – Prix des Jeunes
True/False (USA) – Prix True Vision
IndieLisboa (Portugal) – Grand Prize City of Lisbon
Front Doc (Italie) – Grand prix long-métrage documentaire

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