Project Support

Who can submit a project?

According to the terms of the decree that finances it, the CBA’s mission is to support creative documentary projects by filmmakers and/or producers from the Federation Wallonia Brussels.

Any author and producer residing and/or working in Brussels or Wallonia or who is recognised as belonging to this artistic community may submit a project, regardless of his or her origin or nationality.

The CBA is open to all filmmakers, experienced or beginners, coming from film or art schools or self-taught.

Applications for support for films carried out within the context of art or communication schools are not eligible.

The CBA supports documentary projects at any stage of its production.

By producer we mean any SPRL, SA, SCRL or ASBL whose object is the production of films and which can justify significant experience in the film production sector. An author’s contract with the filmmaker is compulsory when a project is submitted by a producer. The independence of the producer from a film publishing company or broadcaster is required.

Projects must be a FWB majority films at the time of submission.

No prior agreement from a broadcaster, or co-production agreement, or any financial contribution is required before the submission.

The CBA Commission meets six times a year to examine projects, three times for applications for Writing support, three times for applications for Production or Post-production support.

Applications for Writing support may be submitted by the filmaker or by a producer.

For the specific conditions for each type of support, please refer to the specs in the Types of support & application modalities page.

Applications will be submitted in French.

If a sumbitted project is not accepted by the Commission, it may be presented at a later session for a second reading if it shows significant changes. In the case of a second refusal, it will only be entitled to a third reading at the invitation of the Commission.

A filmmaker who already has a project in progress at the CBA cannot submit a second project until the first one is completed.

In case of doubt, we advise you to contact the Secretary General.

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