Marie André

Of Russian origin by her mother and Belgian by her father, Marie André was born (1951), lives and works in Brussels. She studied theater at INSAS (B) and at the Bird Hoffman School (Bob Wilson) in New York. She attended screenwriting seminars by the AFI and film history courses at the Cinematek (B). She has taught at Sint Lukas Instituut voor Beeldende Kunsten and at the Académie des Beaux-arts in Brussels.

Her main achievements in video and 16mm film: GALERIE DE PORTRAITS (Grand Prix at the International Festival of Video Art in Locarno, 1982), REPETITIONS/ Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, choreographer (video, Prize of the Ministry of Culture of the French Community of Belgium, 1985), COME TI AMO (video, awarded at the International Festival of Video Art in San Sebastian, 1983), UN ANGE PASSE (video 1986), LE FIL DES JOURS (film, 1994), NARCISSE AUX CHIENS/ Eugène Savitzkaya, écrivain (film, 1997), TROIS VOIX (radio essay 2000), TEMPS D’HIVER (film, 2002), NOUBA/ Eugène Savitzkaya (radio piece 2006), ALEXANDRE SERGUEIEVITCH (film, 2007).

“Through her remarkable body of films and videos, which blend and transcend genres such as narrative fiction, portraiture, documentary and performance, Belgian artist Marie André has engaged in the subtle act of observation. In elegant works that focus on the significance of the everyday, everyday gestures and the intimacy of detail, André suggests a personal dialogue between the artist and her subjects. André’s singular mode of vision is both precise and sensual. Distanced camerawork, tight editing, and measured staging create formal compositions that suggest painting, while the unblinking gaze and visual acuity reveal the space on the screen. With minimal yet lush images that distill the essence of his subjects, Andre’s work establishes a rich and intimate sense of time, atmosphere and space. ”
From the Electronic Arts Intermix catalog (EAI, New York) 

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Marie André & 45' — 1982


Marie André & 45' — 1985

As the days go by

Marie André & 60/69' — 1993

Narcisse aux chiens

Marie André & 64' — 1997
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