My daughter Nora

Jasna Krajinovic & 15' — 2016

Nora, Samira’s daughter, left for Syria in May 2013. Since then, her mother leaves no stone unturned in her attempt to bring her home. “My daughter Nora” is a letter that Samira wrote to Nora. It follows Samira in her fight to prevent other youths from leaving, her trip to the Syrian border and her painful, everyday life torn between hope and the fear of losing her daughter in the war in Syria.


Production: Dérives
Co-production: CBA, Petit à petit Production
With the support of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Jasna Krajinovic
Jasna Krajinovic
Guillaume Vandenberghe
Quentin Jacques
Image editor
Marie-Hélène Mora
Sound editor
Marie-Hélène Mora
Milena Trivier
Dérives (Julie Frères)
Image Format
Sound Format
Languages OV
Available subtitles

Dhaka International Film Festival , Bangladesh, 01/18
Sguardi Altrove , Italy, 03/18
Festival Les rencontres documentaires de l’IRTS de Lorraine , France, 03/18 – Mention spéciale
Women makes waves Film Festival, Taiwan, 10/18

Festival Elles tournent, Belgium, 01/17
ZagrebDox, Croatia, 02/17
International Documentary Film Festival Millenium, Bruxelles, Belgium, 03/17
Festimages – Marcinelle, Belgium, 03/17
True/False Film Fest, USA, 03/17
Ljubljana Doc Film Festival, Slovenia, 03/17
Docudays UA, Kiev, Ukraine, 03/17
Go Short-International Short FF, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 04/17
Brussels Short Film Festival, Belgium, 04/17
Festival dei Diritti Umani – Milano, Italy, 05/17
Gdansk DocFilm Festival, Poland, 05/17
Festival Cine de Huesca, Spain, 06/17
Festival Psy de Lorquin, France, 06/17
Palm Springs International ShortFest, USA, 06/17
AFI DOCS FF – Silver Spring, USA, 06/17
Rencontres documentaire de Mellionnec, France, 06/17
Sole Luna Festival – Palermo, Italie, 06/17
Pärnu Ethnographic Film Festival, Estonia, 07/17
Partie(s)decampagne, France, 07/17
Cinéma sous les étoiles – Montréal, Canada, 07/17
Mediterranean FF Široki Brijeg, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 08/17
Milwaukee Film Festival, USA, 09/17
Sole Luna Festival – Treviso, Italy, 09/17
Hampton International FF, New York, USA, 10/17
Signes de Nuit – Paris, France, 10/17
Hot Springs Documentary FF, USA, 10/17
Duisburger Filmwoche, Germany, 11/17
Journées Cinématographiques Carthage, Tunisia, 11/17
Festival Signes de Nuit, Portugal, 11/17
Doxs!-festival – Duisburg, Germany, 11/07

DOK Leipzig, Germany, 10/16
Festival dei Popoli, Italy, 11/16
Festival du Film Court de Villeurbanne, France, 11/16
Traces de Vies, Clermont Ferrand, France, 11/16
Brussels In Love, Bruxelles, Belgium, 11/16
IDFA, The Netherlands, 11/16
WatchDocs IFF, Poland, 12/16

Awards and Mentions

Festival Les rencontres documentaires de l’IRTS de Lorraine (France) – Mention spéciale 2018

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