Ma'loul Celebrates Its Destruction

Michel Khleifi & 30' — 1985

Ma’loul is a Palestinian village in Galilee. In 1948 it was destroyed by the Israeli armed forces. The inhabitants were expelled and expropriated. All that was left were two churches and a mosque, last visible reminders for those who travel between Haifa and Nazareth. They disappeared with the time going, hidden by a forest planted to the memory of the victims of nazism. Thus the Israeli authorities annihilated hundreds of arab villages. The former inhabitants of Ma’loul now have a new tradition: once a year, strangely enough on Israel’s Independance Day, they have a picnic on the very site of the destroyed village. We filmed this very special day, the meeting with a stone, a window, a wall, a olive-tree, a pomegranate tree subsisting in the woods… Among the young pines, a peasant looks for uncertain marks of his lost world. A family comments their village fresco painted, with naive purity, according to their memories. According to the official programme, a teacher explains the founding of the state of Israel to his Arab students. These are various components of reality which come together and create the film. Through them a new dimension is given to the Israeli-Palestinian problem: time.


Production: Marisa Films, CBA

Michel Khleifi
Michel Khleifi
Yves Vandermeeren (avec la participation de Marc André Battigne)
Ricardo Castro
Image editor
Dominique Loreau & Monique Riesling
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