Hélène Collin

Helene Collin is a Belgian female director. First formed as an actrice, she is graduated in Theater from the Royal Conservatory of Liege (ESACT) in Belgium. She quickly studied Cinema as a free student in ULB (Brussel) in scenario section. In 2014, she made her first mini-film « Sugar Tree » on the Atikamekw territory with the Atikamekw artist Jacques Newashish. « Home », « The Joconde and myself » are her two next mini-films, created in Quebec. She shoot her first long movie, the documentary « We Are Not Legends », while she was living on the Atikamekw reserve Wemotaci in a so-called Quebec. After that experience, she went back in Belgium where she worked in La Fabrique de Théâtre with the American activists The Yes Men on a mockumentary about a fake start up « Refugreenergy » to alert on environmental issues. She is now working on a theater-documentary show based on her meetings with the First Nations of Quebec, wich will be presented in Le Rideau de Bruxelles in 2021. As an actrice she worked with Yoishi Oida or Enyclopedie de la Parole and several intrenational artist through workshops of the CIFAS or CAS. In Belgium she mainly collaborated with the company Gazon-Neve. She is also taking part as a volunteer subject on a research studying the effects of the Cognitive transe on the brain with Corine Sombrun for the TranceScience Foundation, the GIGA Consciousness and the CHU of Liège (University Hospital Center).

We are not legends

Hélène Collin & 52' — 2019
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