Annick Ghijzelings

Born in 1965 in Belgium, Annick Ghijzelings initially studied biology and philosophy. After her studies, she published some essays and narrations, including the story “LE JARDIN” which she put on the silver screen in 2003. Ever since, she is entirely dedicated to filmmaking and mainly focuses on documentary features. Owing to her work, she went to Africa, Latin America and Oceania where she made the films “TERRE TERRA TERRAE” in 2008, “THE VERY MINUTE” in 2010, “27 TIMES TIME” in 2016. Her new film “MA’OHI NUI, IN THE HEART OF THE OCEAN MY COUNTRY LIES” was shot in Tahiti and shows the face of contemporary colonisation and the vital impetus of the Ma’ohi people who try not to disappear. Both her literary and cinematic work address the volatility of things, wishing to let time stand still for once.

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