No pour dire oui

Alain de Halleux & Peter Woditsch & 45' — 1986

1984. Czechoslovakia. On the occasion of a Film Festival, Al, a Belgian film maker and Isa, a Czeck young woman, fall in love. In the meantime, Al’s visa expires. He must return to Belgium. They are now forced to wait and their existence is rythmed by letters, phone calls and trains that occasionally draw them together. 1985. For Isa marrying an European means being able to start life afresh in the West, studying painting, taking up a career. For Al, love and marriage, Feeling and Establishment, don’t fit in very well together. Fearing to lose Isa, Al agrees to marry her. 1986. Now a divorcée, Isa has taken up a new lie in the West. With the complicity of their friend Peter, she and Al decide to make a film and tell their story. Shot on location in Prague and Brussels, « No for yes » proves a tender and humorous approach of the East / West generally received clichés and stereotypes on Liberty, Marriage, Love and Art. After having completed this love-journey each of them discovers that there are other – inner – frontiers to be crossed. Happiness seems always elsewhere…


Production : Les productions du sablier
Coproduction : CBA, RTBF

Alain de Halleux & Peter Woditsch
Alun de Halleux & Peter Woditsch
Kommer Kleijn
Pierre Mertens, Michel Zarka, Bruno Tarrière
Image editor
Rudi Maerten
Thierry Knauff
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