Yaël André

Early childhood under the blue skies of Morocco. A little disconcerted by the return to Belgium despite the lure of candy and chocolate. Studied Philosophy and screenwriting in Brussels. She arrived in Berlin shortly before the fall of the Wall and lived there for five years, where she worked as a researcher on the history of East German documentary film and as a film programmer (collaborating with various Berlin cinemas, and later in Brussels with the Goethe Institute, Cinema Nova and the festival “Filmer à tout prix”). Today, she lives and works in Brussels. Before directing her own films, she practiced various cinema professions (video cameraman, sound recordist, assistant, stage manager, costume designer…). The style she likes is a kind of feminine burlesque that doesn’t care much about the “fiction < versus > documentary” compartmentalization. She dreams of finding a way to make an unpredictable film, that is, one capable of “arousing the emotion of a lovely morning mist through the gauze of a mosquito net” (to use Nabokov’s expression), and where “reality would be the shortest path from our anxiety to the miracle” (to paraphrase Ernst Moerman). In parallel to her films, she has also produced several video and sound installations (notably for the “Iguanodon” room at the Museum of Natural Sciences). The diffusion of her films follows a fertile and zigzagging path. She is currently alternating between filmmaking, teaching cinema (at INSAS) or accompanying documentaries (tutorials for the FWB Cinema Center, the Focal association in Switzerland or sometimes the CVB writing workshop).

Histoires d'amour

Yaël André & 58' — 1997

Wandering Cats

Yaël André & 69/56' — 2007
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