Vida Dena

Vida Dena is an Iranian female artist and filmmaker who is currently living and working in Brussels, Belgium. Born in 1984 in Tehran, she studied her bachelor in Architecture in Tehran and moved to Sweden in 2009 to continue her studies in Master of fine arts. She then moved to Brussels and in 2015 she got her master in film making from KASK school of arts in Gent. She works with different mediums from drawings to videos and her coherent concept is based on subjects such as immigration, double identity, censorship, war and injustice. Vida Dena is mostly influenced by her personal experiences during her lifetime in Iran and after her self exile to Europe. She also teaches fine art and audiovisual courses to children, teenagers and newcomers in Brussels.Vida Dena also curates exhibitions and cultural events about Persian art and culture in Brussels. She is part of a collective called “Comment peut-on être persan?” as well as a multicultural audiovisual collective called “Ciclope” based on Brussels. She is currently working on her first long documentary “My paper life”.

My paper life

Vida Dena & 90' — 2022
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