Valérie Vanhoutvinck

A multifaceted artist, she focuses on the idea of Meeting, the Other, Place and Traces. She creates texts with several intentions/versions and up until now her films have been based on reality. She produces photographic, graphic, performing mobile material based on Reddening,  the City, Lists and Chance.  She invents and stages Urban  Installations and Mobile Pieces with her Company  Les Rougisseurs. She designs and runs Creative Writing Workshops as well as a series of artistic projects in prisons and detention centres.  She is a trainer in Participative Arts and Active Listening, as well as a Writing Consultant. She teaches Philosophy and Ethics in a technical and vocational high school.  She is a writing consultant in closed institutions and community centers. 


Valérie Vanhoutvinck & 50' — 2000

Red nails

Valérie Vanhoutvinck & 62' — 2017
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