De Putter

Renaud De Putter was born in 1967. After university, he practised piano and renaissance lute. He started composing with Philippe Boesmans and then at Ircam (Paris). Renaud De Putter is winner of composition and poetry awards of the Belgian Royal Academy and a laureate of the Spes Foundation. His pieces are played in Belgium and abroad, e.g. at the Agora Festival (Paris). His musical expression combines formal rigour and freedom. It is based on networks of sounds that give birth to ramified structures in which respiration plays a key role. Early working on the question of identity, he shows a keen interest in the moving images, working on experimental movies of Arthur Van Gehuchten (1904), but also on a live score for Voormittagspück (Hans Richter – 1927) and a sound track for Les Eaux Noires (Guy-Marc Hinant -1999). In 2001, he himself realize Chants de simplification, medium lenght film build on a musical score of his own, written specially for this project. He is now working on Les Bienveillantes, musical film based on a personal interpretation of The Orestie.

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