Van Cutsem

Philippe Van Cutsem first devotes himself to painting and drawing before expanding his practice to various artistic forms, among which cinema occupies an essential place.

During his studies at the Graphic Research School in Brussels, he met Thibaut Halbardier with whom he produced, between 1993 and 1997, videos and installations in which he often staged. This work explores and reveals, by various means, on the one hand the conditions for the development of the work and on the other hand those of its reception by the public.

Video Multum in Parvo (1998) is a first documentary experience. A meticulous observation of the process of creating a show by choreographer Pierre Droulers, this video research will be the subject of several versions, the presentation of which varies depending on the venue.

From 1999 to 2005, while pursuing a practice of drawing, he devoted himself to performance, which led him to multiply collaborations both in Brussels and in Marseille, where he stayed for a year and a half. The films Demain n’est pas trop tard (2008) and L’embellie (2009) are strongly marked by this experience of performance.

Produced in 2007, La galerie de la mer, is the first milestone in a cinematographic work devoted to memory, history and its forms of transmission. Nouveau Monde(2009), Chers parents (2013), Le récit de mon père (2014) and Albert, berger (2020) will follow along this path.

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