Rincón Gille

Nicolás Rincón Gille was born in Bogota on August 12, 1973. After studying economics at the National University of Colombia, he traveled to southern Colombia to closely follow the Regional Congress of Indians of Colombia (CRIC). On this occasion, he meets Marta Rodriguez, documentary maker. Encouraged by this exchange, he decided to devote himself to his real passion: cinema. He left for Belgium to join INSAS, in the image section, from which he graduated in 2003. Belgian by his mother, he discovered his second homeland. With his documentary work, he returns to a subject that has pursued him since childhood, when his father took him to meet peasants in the Colombian countryside. He then discovers, amazed, the richness of an entire oral tradition. But today faced with the violence of the country, it is on the way to disappear. This is the essence of the Campo Hablado triptych project. Member of the association VOA asbl based in Brussels, it is still today with the help of this collective of filmmaker friends that he closes this triptych, with “Noche Herida”, the third part.

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