Marie Mandy

Belgian director born in 1961, Marie MANDY received a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Letters from the University of Louvain, Belgium. In 1988, she graduated from the LONDON INTERNATIONAL FILM SCHOOL, with a grant from the “Belgian Vocational Foundation” and scholarships from the International Rotary Foundation and the British Council. As a photographer, she worked for several magazines, making portraits of art world and business personalities. She has directed over 20 documentaries all being broadcast on French, Belgian, Swiss and other European Television channels including Arte. She won PRIX EUROPA in Berlin in 1994, and Best Belgian documentary in 1995 with SIGHT WHITHOUT SEEING. In 2010, she received The silver Medal of URTI in Monaco and a mention at Prix Europa again for A DIARY OF HEALING. She has also directed science programs, as well as a dozen short documentary about teenager’s issues. Her films, visually strong, travel to festivals and are studied in Universities and schools. She also teaches documentary. Her photographic work is represented by Martine Ehmer Gallery in Brussels.

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