Hubert Nyssen, Portrait en 22 fragments

Marie Mandy & 52/65' — 2002

Behind the shell of Hubert Nyssen, there are many … maybe ten or twelve, who fight maliciously to exist. We have heard of “the Publisher and his double”, revealed through the publication of semi-intimate, semi-mundane professional notebooks from the founder of Editions Actes Sud en Arles. We know less the writer, author of twelve novels and as many collections of poems, children’s books, and other intelligent and enlightened essays. And what do we really know about the beekeeper’s son, the publicist, the Belgian exile in Provence, the translator, the academician, the collector, the amateur photographer, the father and the grandfather, now a publisher at retirement ? This kaleidoscope-shaped film aims to shed light on some of its facets … with the testimonies of Paul Auster, Nancy Huston, Françoise Nyssen and Christine Le Bœuf.


Production : Saga Film
Coproduction : Copsi Video Production, CBA, RTBF

Marie Mandy
Marie Mandy
Dominique Smersu
Alain Prey, Maxime Gavaudan, Céline Deransart, Philippe Sellier, Paul Heymans & Robert Hogg
Image editor
Eric Falconetti
Sound editor
Jean-Jacques Quinet & Damien Defays
Jean-Jacques Quinet & Damien Defays
Hélène Blazy
Paul Fonteyn, Emmanuel Durand
Image Format
Betacam digitale

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