Kita Bauchet

After studying photography and graduated as director at INSAS (Brussels), Kita Bauchet produced short films of fiction and documentaries. She was first noticed for her film “Violette et Framboise”, which won the Jeune Espoir du Cinéma prize and for “Le temps d’un soufflé”, which won the Price of the Best Young French-speaking Talent, followed by “Violette au travail” , “Allez j’y vais !” and « La Fabrique de Panique ». After a short run in television, where she mainly directed documentaries (RTBF) and cultural programs, she came back in cinema productions in 2013. First as a prop man on the last two episodes of « Panique au village » by Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar, then she assisted Marie-Françoise Plissart on “Le Quatrième mur”. For three years, she collaborated with Derives, a documentary non-profit association, accompanying several films, whether in writing tutoring, in charge of the promotion or producer.

Committed to memory

Kita Bauchet & 66' — 2016

Public Baths

Kita Bauchet & 60' — 2018
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