Anne Closset

Anne Closset directs author’s documentaries and workshop films.

Some of her productions include: Parle, Au-delà, Extérieur Rue, Comme une envie de bouger, Get Your Funk!

After the documentary “Parle” shot in Tunis, she directed films in Brussels that take their source in her neighborhood: “Au-delà” and “Extérieur Rue”. Echoing her desire to make films in a collective workshop process where each participant takes a place as co-author, she made “Comme une envie de bouger” with teenagers and “Intérieur Rue” with inhabitants of two streets in Schaerbeek.

The film “Get Your Funk!” focuses on hip hop dance in Belgium while her latest film, “Autrement (avec des légumes)” questions our power to change through a citizen experience, the CSAs where the community supports agriculture.

She also leads video workshops for various audiences in partnership with associations, cultural centers, schools or institutions.

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Anne Closset & 56' — 2002


Anne Closset & 74' — 2004
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