Rwanda. Through us humanity

Marie-France Collard & 105/155' — 2006

Sub-headed “about an attempt at symbolic reparation to the dead, for use by the living. Rwanda. Through us, humanity… was filmed in Rwanda in April 2004, during performances of the show Rwanda 94, in the context of the 10th commemoration of the genocide of the Tutsis and the massacre of Hutu moderates. How can theatre question reality when faced with the primary actors of the story told on stage? The intense, cathartic, active answer of the Rwandan audience brings to the fore the current concerns of the survivors. What is life like for them, 10 years after the genocide? Echoing the issues in the play, Rwanda. Through us humanity… allows the survivors of the genocide to speak out, in their current reality, during this special period of mourning. The memory of the genocide is sought out, is established through the traumatic awakenings, the evocations, the disinterment and dignified burial of victims, the fears and worries with regard to the threats that still weigh upon them today. They express their profound resentment of us for having abandoned them, and of the international community for their silent complicity during the genocide, but also of the exclusion, discriminations and violence to which they are still submitted.


Production : Groupov
Coproduction : CBA

Marie-France Collard
Marie-France Collard
Rémon Fromont
Cosmas Antoniadis
Image editor
Marie-Hélène Mora
Sound editor
Marie-Hélène Mora
Michel Goossens
Olivier Kabera, Aimé Uwase, Jean-Pierre Nkuranga
Philippe Taszman
Image Format
Video 16/9
Available subtitles

-FIPATEL, Biarritz (F) 01/06
-Festival Attac, Bruxelles 12/05
-Centre National du théâtre, Paris (F) 11/05
-Objectif Doc, Paris (F) 03/06
-DOK.FEST, compétition, Munich (D) 05/06
-Leeds Film Festival, « Cinéma Versa » (UK) 11/06
-Cork Film festival (irelande) 10/06
-MEDIMED Festival, Barcelone (E) 10/06
-Festival du nouveau cinéma de Montréal (Ca) 10/06
-Filmer à tout prix, compétition, Bruxelles (B) 11/06
-2ème Nazareth International Film Festival (Israël) 11/06 + Mention spéciale
-Sguardi Altrove Women’s Film Festival (I) 03/07
-Festival du film des droits de la personne, Montréal (Ca) 03/07
-Rwanda Film Festival, Kigali (Rwanda) 03/07
-International Film Festival Californie, Tiburon (USA) + Humanitarian Award
-Prix Henri Storck, hors compétition (B) 12/07
-Festival voie des femmes, Bruxelles (B) 12/07
-Festival du cinéma ATTAC, Bruxelles (B) 11/07
-Real heart, Toronto (Ca) 06/08
-Festival d’Avignon « les rendez-vous de la pirogue » (F) 07/08

Awards and Mentions

-2ème Nazareth International Film Festival (Israël) 11/06 + Mention spéciale

-International Film Festival Californie, Tiburon (USA) + Humanitarian Award

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