No woman's land

Bernadette Saint Remi & 26' — 1987

Anne-marie. Job: 30 t. lorry driver. She s in charge of the Liège steel transport. Heading for France, sometimes even further, reaching Spain. Crisscrossing factories, she unloads rollers and armoured plates. Crisscrossing highways, she dispatches them to various places. Loading and unloading: meeting workers, meeting men. Sharing the same work, the same kind of solidarity. Roads, halts, hostile people, sometimes even violent ones; ignoring her worse, labelling her as some « alien body ». The heavy, oppressive loneliness. Laughter too, smiling or shaking with laughter. The exhilarating feeling of somehow being the « skipper », the pleasure of driving. The early hours, the huge factories, the endless highways, the silence, the deafening noises, sighs… then worries. The negine failure… the failure of just some desperate hour that must be overcome. But, above all, a being in which the woman’s force and the man’s fragility are uniquely blended.


Production: Dérives
Co-production: CBA, RTBF

Bernadette Saint Remi
Bernadette Saint Remi
Jean-Marc Leclercq
Jean-Claude Wolff
Image editor
Jean-Marc Leclercq
Lépold Derochette
Image Format
video 1 Inch
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