Sergio Ghizzardi

Sergio Ghizzardi is a Belgium documentary filmmaker. He is a witness of the political scene in Europe and the changes our continent is undergoing. Dealing with major complex issues (raw materials, Europe’s place in the world, the economic and financial crisis, the geopolitical challenges of global warming) for European broadcasters such as ARTE, RTE, RTBF, VRT, RTP, YLE, SVT, he weaves his films around strong characters so that the viewer plunges into the meanders of the great questions that pass through our time. Recent films directed include GREEN GOLD (2017, 90’/52’, Domino Productions, Savage Films, RTBF, NCRV, YLE, ORF); SPAIN, FACING UNCERTAINTY (2016, 90’/52’, Domino Productions, Ideale Audience, ARTE, RTS, DR, SVT, YLE, SIC, NRK, EESTI); COPENHAGEN: THE CLIMATE WAR (2013, 55’, Domino Productions, Charlot Productions, RTBF, Public Senat) and AT THE HEART OF EUROPE (2006; 90’/56’, Lieurac Productions, ARTE France, RTBF, RTP, DR, SVT, RTE, YLE, ERT, PBS Taiwan)

The Northeast Passage

Sergio Ghizzardi & 80' — In progress
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