Patric Jean

Patric Jean is a Belgian author and director.

He has made films with great commitment, often provoking controversy on political and social issues that have received many prestigious international awards. He is also the author of installations, films for a dance-cinema show and Trans media experiments.

He has published three books Pas client, plaidoyer masculin pour abolir la prostitution, Les hommes veulent-ils l’égalité? and La loi des Pères (ed du Rocher).

His public positions have made him a media committed actor on issues such as gender equality, social issues, prison, prostitution, social exclusion, masculinism… He gives conferences on these themes and has written numerous articles and texts in different magazines (Pratiques, Cahiers de l’Herne, Causette, Le Monde, L’Humanité, Echos, Huffington Post, etc).

Next film, theatrical release 2021 “La Mesure des choses”
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