Nina Toussaint

Nina Toussaint is a filmmaker from Cologne who graduated from INSAS.
She has directed several documentary films:
The Twins, about the reunion and heartbreak between two twin brothers, war orphans, in divided and then reunified Germany.
Le crime quotidien, the story of Zoé Milher, founder of SOS Inceste Belgium, on her journey as a raped and bruised child.
The Decomposition of the Soul, directed with Massimo Iannetta, about the former Stasi preventive prison in Berlin, where two testimonies and the texts of a missing writer shed light on the methods of psychological destruction under communism. The film has been awarded at numerous festivals.
She has also worked as a director for magazines at RTBF and participated in the collection of testimonies of survivors of Nazi camps for the Auschwitz Foundation.
She has been a lecturer for many documentary projects for the CBA, the EU Media program, and “Brouillon d’un rêve” at SCAM.
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