Mirko Popovitch

Mirko Dragolioub Popovitch was born in 1948, the year of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and of women rights to vote in Belgium; his mother, a graduate of the Cours Simon theatre school, met his father, a Yugoslav officer, at the liberation of Paris. Popovitch, an all-round creative artist with a training in photography, has worked in all creative fields.
He has produced around fifty documentaries for the television magazine programme “Espace Francophone”; he is a filmmaker, with short films and documentaries to his credit like “Tango Ya Ba Wendo” with Kwami Zinga (Best Documentary Prize at the Fespaco festival, Ouagadougou, 1995) and “Temps des cerises”, at the legendary Floreffe festival in 1979; he is an actor and humorist (winner of the Grand Prix at the Rochefort Festival in 1984 with Dieudonné Kabongo). He has initiated and coordinated several international events, including the famous “Zinneke Parade” in Brussels. He is also a founder member and director of various cultural associations. Furthermore is he a keen writer and a passionate musician.
Mirko Popovitch was the director of La Vénerie Arts Centre in Boitsfort, Brussels, for 28 years and since 2006 is he the director of Africalia.


Mirko Popovitch & 52' — 1979
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