Palmieri Mattison

Julia Palmieri Mattison was born in 1994, she grew up with her family in the suburbs of Paris. It was while moving from a single-gender boarding school to a shared flat that she became immersed in the community and the complexity of the relationships and shared lives. She joined the École de Recherche Graphique (Erg) in Brussels in 2015. The construction of her artistic practice involves various mediums : installation, painting, writing, photography and video. Often all inseparable. In her work she highlights intimacy, mistreated by the community and misled by social medias. Based on her personal history, her work frees itself from the individual narrative by inscribing itself in larger fields : family, society or time calling on a common memory. Julia photographs her loved ones in their daily lives, she captures moments of shared intimacy to capture the most sincere moment. Accompanied by the family archives filmed and offered by her father, she started mixing found pictures and rediscovered ones, going from one to the other, linking them by texts and stolen conversation recordings. It is by relentlessly seeking to extract what makes up an individual, questioning the limits imposed by love, friendship and family relationships that she directs her short film : Play me, I’m yours.

Play Me, I'm Yours

Julia Palmieri Mattison & 14' — 2019 – Catalogue Diffusion
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