Joachim Olender

Joachim Olender is a film and video maker. Preoccupied with the notion of fictional archive, he works on contemporary image and narratives with holes. After passing through Le Fresnoy Studio national des arts contemporains, he directed in 2014 La collection qui n’existait pas, a documentary on the Daled collection and conceptual art (Grand Prix, 34th Montreal International Art Film Festival) and directed “Les Choses” by Perec. In 2018, he is defending his PhD in aesthetics and creation at Le Fresnoy, in partnership with Paris 8. He has directed, among others, Tarnac. Le chaos et la grâce (2012), Le Chêne de Goethe (2016), Film by Samuel Beckett (2017), Le Musée de Berlin (2018) and Les joueurs (première partie)(2020). Joachim Olender lives and works between Brussels and Paris.
Joachim Olender is a lecturer and teaches cinema at ENSAV La Cambre in Brussels since 2020. He regularly intervenes in different art schools in France (Cergy, Le Mans, Strasbourg, etc.).

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