de Hasque

Jean-Frédéric de Hasque was born on 01/12/1970 in Brussels, Belgium. He studied plastic arts, photography and video at the School of Graphic Research (ESA-ERG) in Brussels from 1990 to 1995. He was Professor of Photography and Video from 2003 to 2008. In 1999, in response bug / iT buzz of the famous passage in 2000, he made his first documentary about the passage of 2000 in a Togolese village “36 things to do before 2000”, (2001). In 2002 began the first phase of filming “Three little houses”. In a city in northern Benin, three people build: a sewing workshop, a school, a bus station. During a second location in 2003 he captures the latest achievements. This film is a look at the “endogenous progress” on the modeling of a country town that is not realized by step through the actions of people who sketch a hypothetical middle class. In 2005 he went to Sévaré (Mali) where live Yambo Ouologuem, the first African writer to win the Renaudot prize in 1968 who refuse to see white for 30 years! The attempt to meet nevertheless will fail but will lay the foundation of the film “In search of Eldorado” This film addresses the relationship between blacks and whites, the hopes of the young Malian over. The film will be shot in 2008 in Bamako and Sévaré along with 5 universities that have created a club in the name of the writer. In 2009, a meeting with the spokesman of the refugees of the camp Agamé. causes four months later, a visit to the camp. Surprise, emotion, some are cousins ​​with the villagers of 2000. Turning in 2010 with refugees to describe the provisional daily life of a refugee camp that has the appearance of a very quiet village. Finishing and screening of “The Camp” in 2012. In 2011 the beginning of the filming of “Lions” with subject Lions Club in Benin, this film follows a doctoral research which led him to follow the club members in their pan-African odyssey to Brazzaville. The film will be completed in 2016. With a Masters in Anthropology from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) in 2012, he ‘s a research fellow from FNRS (Belgium- since 2013, his thesis is entitled “Benin’s elite, ethnography of a class social booming from a transnational association: Lions Club “and will be completed in 2017.

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