Gwenaël Breës

Gwenaël Breës was born in late 1973 in Brussels. In his youth, he created fanzines and hosted shows on free radio stations. When he left school at the age of 14, he started as a self-taught activities such as journalism (he notably initiated and coordinated several publications, and published two books of investigation on social issues), and the animations of cultural places, so-called « alternative » in Brussels.. He is one of the founding members of Cinéma Nova, a theater opened in 1997 in the center of Brussels, managed collectively and which offers a unique research program, dedicated to independent contemporary cinema. He is very interested in urban dynamics and has directed and co-directed several radio creations and documentary films (short and feature films, self-produced or collective) on these issues, in the context of Brussels. « In a Silent Way » is his first film which takes a completely different trajectory, starting from a more personal subject, shot in another country and benefiting from a real production. His starting point : a disc he discovered when he was 14 and who has obsessed him since then…

In a Silent Way

Gwenaël Breës & 88' — 2020
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