Dominique Lohlé

Dominique Lohlé, Born in Louvain, Belgium, in 1966. Studied philosophy at the Université Catholique de Louvain with, among others, Mgr Léonard. He is the father of a small boy called Atom who was born in 2003. He taught drama and video at the ERG Design & Arts school in Brussels for for 10 years. He now manages the multimedia library of the Instituts Saint-Luc in Brussels. Since 2008 he has been supervising the scripting and directing of end of study films at Supinfocom (design, animation & video-game school) in Valenciennes, France.In 2000, Dominque Lohlé and Guy Marc Hinant set up a film label together, to make films about experimental music in general and more particularly electronic music. The label is called OME – Observatoire des Musiques Électroniques.


Dominique Lohlé & Guy-Marc Hinant & 140' — 2017
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