Bruno Tracq

Bruno Tracq works in Brussels and Paris as a director, editor, scriptwriter, consultant and dramaturge.

Director of two medium-length fiction films, Walking Ghost Phase and Betelgeuse (shot in the USA with Lubna Azabal) and of a feature-length documentary on surgical hypnosis, Ma Voix t’Accompagnera, he has previously worked as an editor for Jaco Van Dormael (Mister Nobody), Alexandre Courtes (the series Au Service de la France) and Fabrizio Terranova (Donna Haraway). He has edited numerous commercials, art films and music videos (for Baloji, Justice, SnoopDog…). He regularly collaborates as a dramaturge and video creator for theater (notably with Selma Alaoui) and as a script consultant (for Delphine Girard, Benoit Mariage, Anne-Cécile Vandalem…). He has worked as a producer for AJC!, Michigan Films, Rien à Voir production and now for Things to Come. He teaches at INSAS (Brussels).

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