The secret of things

« The Secret of things » takes an attentive and warm glance at cuban popular religiosity. A young boy, Bobby, is preparing his initiation into « Santéria », the most established afrocuban religion. Guillermo, a committed revolutionary in the past, and a « santéro » priest today, will be his godfather. The film follows their experience, whith its difficulties and contradictions, and leads us to the initiation. That day, far away from the turmoil of his country’s History and its daily problems, Bobby will be alone and will dress in white. He will receive the sacred stones where Yemayà, his Guardian Angel, lives and maybe he will discover only what the initiates know.


Coproduction : CBA

Oranne Mounition & Fransi de Villar Dille
Oranne Mounition & Fransi de Villar Dille
Jorge Léon
Benoît De Clerck
Image editor
Rudi Maerten
Image Format
Betacam SP
Languages OV

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