The imitator

Jaco Van Dormael & 29' — 1982

THE IMITATOR lies somewhere between fiction and a documentary film. It’s the story of a short incursion by two « mentally handicapped » people into the world of the « normal ». Jacques and Jean get lost in a town. Jacques is a 29 year-old mongol. He has a sense of humor, is a born impersonator and imitates the people around him, which gives him the impression of fitting in everywhere. Jean follows him around, speaking to himself, philosophing. They laugh together, enjoy themselves, discover things. But they spread panic. People are scared by them, don’t know how to behave and keep away. Laurel and hardy of the technological age, they make us question our traditions, our security, our values and our clear conscience. They look at us as if from another planet. Nothing can resist their clear-sighted simplicity… It’s too much. Someone in the crowd loses control and stops them. THE IMITATOR is the other aspect of STADIUM. An experience of « direct cinema » mixing comedy with a vision of hell.


Production: Lamy films
Co-production: CBA

Jaco Van Dormael
Jaco Van Dormael
Jacques Poskin
Dominque Warnier
Image editor
Susana Rossberg, Jaco Van Dormael
Gérard Rousseau
Benoît Lamy
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Languages OV
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