Our hearts are your tombs

Roger Beekmans & 54/72' — 2004

Ten years separate us from the month of April 1994 which caused more than a million deaths in Rwanda. In Brussels, in Spring 2001, at the end of the trial of the « Butare four », four accused Rwandans were found guilty of genocide and sentenced to long terms in prison. Today in Rwanda, the law is following its course but cruelly lacks means. 80 000 suspects await trial in Rwandan prisons. Popular tribunals, the Gacaca, are being set up. In towns and villages those liberated are returning home. The mention of ethnic origin has disappeared from identity cards and the government is advocating national reconciliation. Is this possible? Can one pardon if justice as not been meeted out? At Souva are found those women who courageously came to Brussels to testify and who do not see without fear the return of those who participated in the slaughter. « Our hearts are your tombs » is about memory, justice, passing time and about a difficult reconciliation wihed by the government.


Production : Image Création.com
Coproduction : CBA

Roger Beekmans
Roger Beekmans
Roger Beeckmans
Alain Steenhoudt
Image editor
Greta Thijs
Martine Barbé
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