Mfumu Matensi, my uncle missionary

Victor Mertens, known to the Congolese as Mfumu Matensi, is the oldest white Jesuit missionary alive in the Congo today. He has been living there for over sixty years. He headed the Society of Jesus during the troubled times of the independence. Victor’s life summarizes the dreams and disillusions of the Belgian missionary enterprise. Today, he is an old powerless chief who has accepted to come back on his life and trajectory, during an intimate exchange with his great-nephew who has come to the Congo to meet him. This movie is the point of view of a young man on the exceptional life of one of the last witnesses of his generation.


Production : Eklektik
Coproduction : CBA, Belgavox, Le fil brun

Nicolas de Borman & Samuel Tilman
Nicolas de Borman & Samuel Tilman
Samuel Tilman
Nicolas de Borman
Image editor
Virginie Messiaen
Sound editor
Valèrie Leroy
Image Format
Betacam SP
Languages OV
Available subtitles
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