The story of my hair

Boris Lehman & 90' — 2010

The story of my hair is in two lines (or two sentences). They were black and long. They became white. I haven’t cut them since 1982, so almost 28 years ago. The story of my hair is a journey, both in space and in time. Those who seek in this film some truth, geographic as well as scientific or historical, will be disappointed. The film becomes aware of the real facts and places to immediately distance themselves from it, through poetry and fiction. The author has mixed in his own way the story of Samson and Dalila, the journey of death row inmates to the camps, the science of hair and some reflections on the meaning and fragility of life.


Production : Dovfilm
Coproduction : CBA, Dovfilm, Good & Bad News, RTBF, Arte Belgique
With the support of the Ministère de la Communauté Française de Belgique

Boris Lehman
Boris Lehman
Sound Format
Languages OV
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