Happy days

Szymon Zaleski & 51' — 2009

Instead of putting a stop to his constant moving, the narrator’s cancer and its metastases seem on the contrary to increase his need to travel. Does S., the hero of Happy End, go and look for treatment or for the meaning of life, of his life ? The quest proceeds on different rhythms : the slowness of the travel through the Amazonian forest and the traditional medicine contrasts with the more erratic journey through his past and memories, fast and funny, to which is to be added the speed of the race, a vital pace. All the voyages are momentarily interrupted by the visits at the European doctors, each of them being one step further in the progression of the disease and of the narrative. Happy End, whether the story of “Tintin” visiting the country of the shamans or a modern citizen of the world, curious and melancholic, conveys the spirit of a generation, with its heroes, its myths, its disillusions, and its anxieties.


Production : Margo Films (Fr)
Co-production : CBA, GSARA
With the support of the Centre du cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Szymon Zaleski
Szymon Zaleski
Rémon Fromont et Michel Baudour
Cesar Salazar
Image editor
Nadia Touijer
Sound editor
Marie-Agnès Beaupain
Fabienne Servan-Schreiber
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