Güldem Durmaz

Güldem Durmaz was born in 1971 in Paris.

She now lives and works between Brussels, Istanbul and Paris.

She has worked as a film and theatre actress from 1994 on and began her career as a filmmaker in 2001.
Her work includes, and sometimes mixes, film-making, video installations, workshops sand live performances.
Her short fiction films, such as “Şoför/The driver” (2001), and “Koro” (2002), have been selected and rewarded in numerous international festivals (Locarno, Venice, St-Petersbourg, Washington DC…).

In 2004, she co-directed, with B. Liénard and V. Vanhoutvinck, a documentary called “Pour vivre, j’ai laissé” (To live, I left) shot inside a Brussels facility for refugees.

In 2011, she directed “Ben/O (I/Him)”, an experimental documentary about kurdish transsexual artist Esmeray, which was screened at art venues like Les Halles de Schaerbeek in Brussels, La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris, Les Subsistances in Lyon, the MuCEm in Marseilles and the British Museum in London.

In 2016, she directed “Together!” a multiscreen film about renewable energies, projected inside the giant cube of the Palais des Images of the PASS museum in Mons.

Her first feature-length film, “Kazarken (As We Dig)”, was completed in 2016, was first screened at the Torino Film Festival and traveled in numerous international festivals.

She is currently preparing two feature film projects.
Her work explores the connections between memory, language and cultural or transcultural identities, as she experiments with actors and non-actors, secret or invented languages, spaces and situations both real and oneiric

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