In the heart of the Amazon, Saor, a young androgynous Indian, has come to the funeral of his mistress in his native village. Valentina, a transsexual performer, has taken her secrets with her into her grave.

By meeting those who were her friends, Saor plunges into memories of the dirty war and the homophobia of terrorist movements. He pierces the unsaid and gradually comes to understand the life of the one he loved, to the point where fear takes over.

As a continuation of our artistic approach and loyalty to the LGBTQ community, FUGA is part of a cinema of hybridization that our previous film BY THE NAME OF TANIA consolidated. A cinematic gesture at the edge of genres that finds its necessity in reality and offers an impassioned field of creation.


Production : Clin d’oeil films (Hanne Phlypo)
Coproduction : CBA

Bénédicte Liénard & Mary Jiménez
Virginie Surdej
Félix Blume
Image editor
Marie-Hélène Dozo
Clin d'oeil films (Hanne Phlypo)

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