Nenetz vs Gaz

Sergio Ghizzardi & 80' — In progress

The Yamal peninsula has become the Russian gas safe. The discovery of gigantic gas deposits has aroused the appetite of several oil companies such as Gazprom, Novatek, TOTAL, or Chinese National Petroleum Corp. In Yamal, which means “end of the world”, this large region in northern Siberia and far beyond the Arctic Circle, the NENETS, princes of the Tundra and reindeer herders, have been deploying from North to South of the peninsula for over 200 generations. It is the case of Vassily and his brigade, embarking in this 930 miles journey.

But for how much longer? In 2021, taking advantage of global warming and the melting of the icecaps, Russia will become the largest producer of natural gas in the world, which mainly originates from the Yamal peninsula and the Kara sea. The pipelines supplying Europe (Dunkirk, Zeebrugge) start off in Yamal. For the Russians, the stakes are high: world energy leadership. Nowadays in Yamal, the pastures made way for gas fields. The industry is examining every single nooks and cranny to build these pipelines and roads, without real consultation with the NENETS. These installations obstruct transhumance paths. The villages are turning into cities, populated with Russian workers, Kirghiz, Tajiks, the new colonists. How is the fight between these two worlds orchestrated? At what cost will the Russians walk off with the resources of the Arctic? As an environmental and polar western, NENETS VS GAZ unites cinematic strength with political stakes, embodied by the characters facing a dilemma: the Nenets, trapped in a corner, embarking on one last transhumance journey in the Yamal peninsula, their territory; and gas manufacturers and Russian scientists finalising the opening of the Arctic road, which will allow the dispatch of the largest natural gas reserve from Europe to Asia. This film comes with a VR project (5×8’) and an impact campaign.


Production : Domino Productions (Sergio Ghizzardi)
Coproduction : CBA

Sergio Ghizzardi
Sergio Ghizzardi
Patrice Michaux
Christophe Blitz
Ola Kervnberg
Domino Productions (Sergio Ghizzardi)
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Languages OV
RU, FR, Nenets
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